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chrisnewton (82) [2008-02-11 14:07]

That is one ridiculous-looking monkey. Excellent subject.

chrisnewton (82) [2008-01-29 12:21]

Very nice action shot. The level of detail and the subject's angle in flight is outstanding.

chrisnewton (82) [2008-01-28 13:16]

Absolutely beautiful shot. The contrast between the rhino's gray tones and the surrounding green is perfect. Like a natural frame.

chrisnewton (82) [2008-01-28 0:32]

Excellent photo. Very nice level of detail. Having photographed a number of similar species, I can say that your motionless capture is very rare.

chrisnewton (82) [2008-01-25 22:06]

The level of detail on the face is nice. I look forward to the rest in your series.